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5 Weird Facebook Groups

(I wrote this as a sample blog post back in March of 2008 for a potential blogging gig.  Don’t know if they ever published it – which they didn’t have permission to do – but here it is.  You can see some much better and funnier posts on the same subject by googling ‘weird facebook groups‘)

Facebook groups provide hours of web-surfing entertainment.  Here are 5 Weird (but active) Facebook groups you will probably never surf into without the help of an internet sherpa.  There are a lot of hilariously titled groups on Facebook, but these 5 have activity, have real life members, and are relatively esoteric:

PHILLIP ZIMBARDO- HE KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE.  This is just one example of the 12 Facebook groups that center around infamous Stanford Prison Experiment psychologist Phillip Zimbardo.  For those of us who aren’t familiar, the 1971 Stanford Prison study turned squeaky clean undergraduates into ruthless animals in a matter of hours.  Dr. Zimbardo seems to still have his die hard fans!

“I’m a Bostonian and I’ve seen the guy on the bike who makes the siren noise” The title alone is enough to make you click through.  Although the ‘sightings’ timeline hasn’t been updated since 2007, the discussion boards are still active.  What’s great about this group is that its Facebook category is Sports & Recreation.  ‘Boston Broken Toe Avoidance’ will be a a ratified Olympic sport by 2016.

Weird Instrument Lovers
Know what mellotrons and duduks are? Do you play watermelons?  Bubblewrap?  How about bowed psaltry, mbiras, or a vibraslap?  No? Then no tibetan signal horn soup for you.

I Tend To Fart In Public.
Listed under Philanthropic Organizations, this group is worth looking up just for the first video posted on its page.  Here’s the description: “This is a group for sharing horror stories about farting in a socially unacceptable setting.  It’s happened to all of us and we could all use a safe place to talk about it.”

World Pet Memorial Day (Canada) “This group helps raise awareness of World Pet Memorial Day in a safe and respectful manner” says the description.  There is an unsafe way to let people know about dead pets?  And there are other chapters?

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  • nhviet 21 February 2009, 1:06 pm

    Hey, I’m a member in World Pet Memorial Day (Canada).

  • NEWSICE 25 April 2009, 12:30 pm

    they r really weird