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Philly Startup Leaders Expo

Thursday night in Philly is packed with events, people! I’ll be hopping around. First I’ll hit the Philly Startup Leaders’ Entrepreneur Expo then over to GeeksWhoGive.

Check out Startup Leaders Entrepreneur Expo. Here’s a quote from the site:

Philly Startup Leaders present: The Entrepreneur Expo. To be held on April 2, 2009 from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, at the Science Center, 3711 Market Street in Philadelphia.

Over 40 entrepreneurs will display their dreams, ideas and hard work in a trade-show like setting, with a select number giving a brief presentation of their work.

Who Should Attend? This is a showcase of work by entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial community. If you’re an entrepreneur, you will be able to talk about your work and hear about the work of others. If you’re interested in new ideas, new business plans, the uses of new technology, or are simply curious about the creative energy in this region, you’ll have a chance to see and meet those beginning to make a difference.

Who Will Be There? Entrepreneurs, students, educators, investors, leaders in the political, legal, and business communities, members of the media, and the public.

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