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PodcampPhillylogoAre you ready for what’s NEXT in new media?

Are you new to new media like blogging, podcasting, Twitter, Facebook, and wondering where to get started?

Are you a veteran of all things 2.0 and wondering what’s just around the corner?

PodCamp Philly, now in its 3rd year, aims to help you answer these questions and many more. On October 3 -4, 2009 at Temple University’s Tuttleman Learning Center, PodCamp Philly will bring together the best and the brightest – including you – for two days of learning, sharing, and growing your social media skills. Podcamp Philly, Philadelphia’s largest digital media, community-based unconference, also includes SearchCamp with sessions geared towards helping you better understand how to optimize all your web-based products so they can be found easier by search engines. For the first time, Podcamp Philly is also partnering with Social Media Club, who are adding special sessions on leveraging social media tools for business.

Who should attend PodCamp Philly?

You. It doesn’t matter where you are on your social media journey, whether you just starting podcasting yesterday or whether you’re one of the decade-long bloggers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500, a director of a non-profit, or a guy who likes to knit on the air. What does matter is that you are an expert in something. You have questions AND answers, and PodCamp Philly is the best opportunity to contribute and learn all at once.

What will you learn at PodCamp Philly?

PodCamp is driven by what YOU want to learn and share. Twitter? Sure. Facebook? Of course. Blogging? Definitely. Podcasting? By the bucket. More important, we want you, as you register, to consider leading a session in which you pose a burning question that you absolutely must get the answer to. Maybe you need to know how to figure out the ROI of Facebook. Maybe you need to learn how to make great Internet video. Whatever your burning question is, we want you to ask it at PodCamp.

Take a look at some of the planned topics:

* Social Media Optimization – Enhancing SEO
* Project Management and Podcasting
* Online Revenue Strategy
* Bootcamp Express – Your Social Media Plan in 60 Minutes or Less
* Educators: tools, triumphs and tips
* How to Cure Social Media Anxiety

* Podcasting on the Cheap

Ready to get started?

PodCamp Philly is a mere $20 to participate, but we guarantee you’ll get so much more. Register today, as space is limited.

Register for Podcamp Philly today!

After you’ve registered, share this with your network and invite them to come to PodCamp Philly with you!

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