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“Technically” still gets a check mark

2 ducks silhouetted against a nighttime blue lake

Zen ducks

I’ve been on a quest to get things in order. This means physical things and mental things. This week I’ve been bumped off the track a bit but I’ve still managed to get stuff done. Sometimes the results aren’t pretty, but there is some value in getting a TO DO task done “technically” as opposed to not at all. Even the smallest effort counts towards something when you’re trying to learn a new habit. For example: 1 yoga pose is enough to check off “Yoga.” 5 minutes of walking isn’t the goal of 30 minutes, but it is “walking” – check. This is about a lifestyle change, not a race or pride, or even greed.

My hyperlocal blog took up all my time today because of some newsworthy events. Hopefully I can get up from the keyboard soon and go do other things. Compartmentalizing is also quite the great skill, too. I suppose it could also be called “living in the moment” – a concept I’m learning from eastern/buddhist practices like yoga and meditation. The discipline of focusing your mind on the very singular task-at-hand is a tough one to learn but very productive. I often find myself thinking, “All I have to do right now is this task. Nothing else. Right now I am writing a blog post. All other worries must wait.”

Of course if a car crashes into the house, I’ll have to change my immediate priorities. But *worrying* that a car will crash into the house before I’m finished this post is a complete waste of time and effort. I’m confident I can switch gears in case of emergency.

I’m still learning. Baby steps.


Photo Credit: Glorius Gaduang on Flickr