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Blogtober, Inktober, Am I sober?

It’s October! Happy Official Fall, Fam.

It’s still green and hot here in Philadelphia, so the boots aren’t out just yet (I did wear them once on a chillier day last week, and it was glorious).

I like the warm weather, so I don’t want to say goodbye to it too quickly. Equator-hot isn’t my style, but warm is nice. Lately I’ve been learning to love the cold, too, but I’m not ready to pack away my summer dresses quite yet.

I’ve been writing letters and postcards. Postcrossing has been a new hobby. International stamps are a cultural study in themselves. All of this is just a distraction, though, as I turn my focus more and more exclusively toward fiction. That being said, I’ve been wanting to turn up the blogging, too. Blogtober is an internet game where people commit to blogging once a day in the month of October. There’s also a Vlogtober for the TikTok/YouTube set. Similarly, the Instagram-based game Inktober encourages everyone to do a black-ink-and-paper hand drawing (usually around a theme) for each day in October. Today, October 1 2019, started the month with “Ring” as the theme. Here’s my entry:

I did attempt some other sketches but none were shareable. Instead I experimented with “coffee rings” – which turned into blackout poetry. Loose interpretations are welcome, according to the guy who started it.

Blogtober doesn’t seem to have an origin, but you can find many a participant on Twitter. This is my first post, squeezed in at 10 pm on Oct. 1, because I just decided to participate at 9:30 pm.

Perhaps I’ll sober up and realize any one-a-day/month-long activities are not my shot of ooomph. The harm in trying is perhaps a bit of shame if I fail. Hopefully the motivation for participating will reveal itself as I go. Expect some short blog posts! Hopefully I will manage to write something useful! Stranger things have happened.

Find me on Insta as @purplecar_cc to follow my Inktober attempts. Tomorrow’s prompt is “mindless” and I am very much trying to come up with a non-political-cartoony type of sketch.

Let me know if you’re doing any one-a-day October games!


Photography credit: Christine Cavalier