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Cyberpunk vision

a screenshot of my cyberpunk board

My view of what a (good-ish) future looks like

Over on Pinterest, you can see over 400 futuristic images of fashion, architecture, inventions, housing, etc., on my Cyberpunk board. It’s by far my most popular board. (Apologies to those who are visually impaired. I don’t have descriptions of all the posts.)

Using the term “cyberpunk” to title this collection of images is probably misleading. Cyberpunk is a socio-economic thing, where mega corps own everyone and everything and people are mere slaves in the fake capitalist oligarchy. Tech is pervasive but quality of life is low (hence the genre’s motto “high tech, low life”) more than it is a futurism aesthetic. It was a good idea at the time, I thought, when I created the board. You’ll see why if you search Pinterest on the term. Everything is 1980s style sexist cyborg crap. I wanted to counteract that a bit.

One way my board does reflect cyberpunk’s genre is the difference between the haves and haves-not. It is subtle, but if you look at the fashion and housing especially, the obvious wealth needed to obtain any of it is crazed.

Anyway. Have a look through my cyberpunk board and tell me what you see.

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