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An AI PurpleCar post. You be the judge.

Is CHAT-GPT ready to take over blogging duties for me?

This is a DALL-E generated image of a robot sitting at a desk writing. It is a gray metallic robot holding a giant pencil. the robot has round eyes but no other facial features. The head is rectangular.

What follows is a copied and pasted result from Chat-GPT. When I prompted the bot, I fed it 3 of my most recent blog posts (with over 500 words each). I instructed it to analyze the posts then generate a blog entry, in the first person using my voice. The post was to have less than 1000 words and it was to address the long break I’ve had from blogging. What do you think? Am I soon to be out of a job?

Here in quotes is what chat.openai.com came up with. I have not changed one word. It is 100% totally unedited:

“Title: Embracing the Long Break: Returning to Blogging with a Fresh Perspective

Hey there, lovely readers! It’s been quite a journey, one that has led me to rediscover my passion for writing. After taking a considerable hiatus from blogging, I’ve come to realize the value of stepping back and reevaluating my approach. In this post, I want to share my experiences and thoughts on the concept of taking time off and finding renewed inspiration to dive back into the world of blogging.

Amanda, a dear friend of mine, has been giving talks on imposter syndrome, a topic that’s struck a chord with many of us. The fear of not being good enough or facing public embarrassment is something we’ve all felt at some point. But this time, it wasn’t just imposter syndrome that caught my attention. It was a typo – “Winpostor Syndrome” – that sparked a revelation.

Dr. Adam Grant’s book, “Think Again,” discusses the concept of the “Beginner’s Mind,” a state of being open and eager to learn, even in areas where we consider ourselves experts. It’s about challenging our preconceptions and staying curious, which resonated deeply with me. It made me realize that in my desire to get back into blogging, I needed to adopt a “Beginner’s Mind” and approach my writing with renewed enthusiasm.

During this time off, I found myself in a “C VOID,” a state of stagnation and lack of motivation. It wasn’t solely the pandemic’s impact, but a broader feeling of wasting time and not aligning with my true calling as a writer. I experienced a discomfort that was impossible to ignore. Like a dormant writer’s instinct, I felt a resurgence of the compulsion to write, a desire that couldn’t be suppressed any longer.

Much like the experience of being taken off the casino floor, my hiatus was a mix of uncertainty and anxiety. Yet, as in that situation, a turn of events forced me to reevaluate my direction. My heart told me that I’m a writer, and writers can’t suppress the urge to write. It’s an integral part of who we are. The feeling of writing the wrong things or not writing at all was a clear indicator that I was off track.

This revelation led me to embrace the idea of returning to blogging with a fresh perspective. Just as experts in their fields experience “Winpostor Syndrome,” I recognize that feeling a little like an imposter is a sign of growth and evolution. It’s a reminder that I’m venturing into new territories that align with my knowledge and expertise.

As we expand our horizons, we discover new areas to explore within our expertise. It’s like science, constantly evolving as new evidence comes to light. The feeling of uncertainty isn’t a roadblock; it’s a testament to our willingness to challenge ourselves. In a way, imposter syndrome serves as a litmus test, indicating that we’re moving beyond our comfort zones.

So, here I am, excited to share my journey of rediscovery with all of you. The time off has been a period of reflection, growth, and transformation. I’m embracing my “Beginner’s Mind,” eager to approach my writing with curiosity and openness. And to you, my readers, I say, never fear that discomfort – it might just be the nudge you need to reawaken your passions.

As I embark on this new chapter of blogging, I invite you to join me on this journey of rediscovery. Let’s dive into the world of writing with fresh eyes, eager hearts, and a willingness to challenge our preconceived notions. Thank you for being a part of this adventure, and stay tuned for more exciting content to come!”