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Poem: Tessa Zheng’s “disheartening epilogue to cold days”

I was browsing through the Writer Magazine links, and I found Blue Mountain Arts, Inc., a greeting card company.  Blue Mountain Arts held a poetry contest; the 3rd place winner’s entry is pretty good (aside from the bulky title and use of hyphens). 

The poem is short (just a few lines), it paints a picture of one place in time and the author uses descriptive words with unlikely nouns – a love of mine (when it works well).

I googled Tessa Zeng and found this  Deviant Art page  but it may or may not be the same author.   Whereever she is in on the Web and in life, I hope she keeps writing.  She’s a talent to watch.

“disheartening epilogue to cold days”

by Tessa Zeng

she’s hanging up the sheets outside, little kid shorts
shirts and elusive socks
long underwear from a long winter

wearing nothing but a blue dress
melting her into the heat-filled sky

a wisteria-covered lawn
and a weeded dream
the porch is empty like remorse, sweat is dropping
between her shoulder blades

well, she’s barely
twenty and holding it in
stringing up clothes on the line all the while

from a piled up basket of laundry
she sighs and unfolds the

short memories, a shorter romance, and
a white starched innocence shortest

of all