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Love/Hate T-Shirt – a look in the mirror for your characters.

Joey DeVilla has a great post with this picture:

Love/Hate tee

The messy handwritten word “Hate” appears as an equally messy handwritten word “Love.” Way cool! Make sure to read through the comments for links and such – one can find the same trick -t-shirt design with “Love” written on the front instead of “Hate” (which would be my preference!) Check out Joey’s blog if you are looking for some fun distraction too.

What a fun character device! I can imagine a teenage character who wears graphic tees with hidden messages, perhaps in hopes to send a specific message to someone he sees in the bathroom everyday at school. I can think of a lowly dressing assistant at a major fashion mag using the t-shirt trick to communicate her disdain of the snooty models who treat her like dirt. It’s fun to imagine fictional scenarios around this. What can you come up with?

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