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Word count: 3337

I’m on track for 1667 words a day. A revelation hit me this morning when I was dreading finishing the scene I started yesterday: If you dread writing it, readers will dread reading it; They won’t read past the boring section. So spice it up, write whatever crazy thing comes to your head.

I have the basic plot of the novel figured out. Subplots are missing. You are welcome to read my attempt at subplot in what I wrote today and yesterday (remember, it is UNEDITED 1st draft and stream-of-consciousness Nanowrimo writing, so don’t expect much):





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  • Aldon Hynes 4 November 2007, 8:28 am

    “If you dread writing it, readers will dread reading it”

    That is a great line. I’ve got a different problem. I am loving writing my novel, I am rushing through it. Am I writing it too quickly? Will I run out of storyline before I reach 50,000 words? I can’t wait to get to various parts of the story.

    Your phrase provided me hope. “If you can’t put down writing it, hopefully, readers won’t be able to put down reading it.”

    So, I’m at 9,850 words. I hope to crank out a lot more today, but I know I should put down the novel and spend some time with my family. It is my wedding anniversary today.

  • PurpleCar 4 November 2007, 9:35 am

    Wow! That is fantastic! I like your line much better:

    “If you can’t put down writing it, hopefully, readers won’t be able to put down reading it.”

    A positive spin is much more inspiring!

    I hear you on the wedding anniversary – family stuff during Nano is hard. But it will just help you to keep going like the creative wunderkind you are because you will use your Nano time efficiently. I wouldn’t worry too much about finding more story. Just remember to look at every page and ask yourself the question, “What could be more challenging, scary, worse, inconvenient, silly, or lucky for my characters right now?” I went back and added a scary scene to a dull passage and it ended up getting me great stuff AND more word count. Don’t assume that every thing you write has to move forward. You can go back to certain scenes and throw in a bear attack! Always have fun with it.

    Try the dares, too. The great thing about Nano is that there are so many creative (and just a bit “off”) people in one place, you won’t be lacking for ideas.

    Good luck! I hope to get at least 3K words done today – yesterday was a family day wash!


  • josie 4 November 2007, 9:54 am

    Wow! I haven’t been by in a while. Looks good! Glad you’re keeping the blog going. I’ve stalled in my re-design.

  • PurpleCar 4 November 2007, 10:57 am

    Hey Josie girl! Nice to see you! Where you at lately?


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