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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-30

  • at the tweetup w my wifi #kop #
  • Thanks @BethHarte @GloriaBell @Melitami for a great night! Fun hanging with @mandle @waltribeiro, @cathywebsavvyPR, & Frank (uknowwho) too #
  • Also got to hang with @John_Corey, @PhilBauman, @Dancinjul, @conversationage, @LEMILLS, @CecilyK, @JohnLauber, @phillygrub #
  • @sethgoldstein I’m not done! OK now you made me forget where I was… @StevePR104, @phillymarketing, … hmmm, getting sleepy, there’s more #
  • Yes! @sethgoldstein you also reminded me of @cupcakie … wait… Jeez, there were so many people I didn’t meet or say hi to. Sorry ppl! #
  • WOW for the first time since I’ve been on Twitter I now have more followers that followees. Will fix this in the next few days. #
  • RT @alexknowshtml: every time you use a tw* modifier to show a word’s relation to twitter (e.g. tweeple), god kills a kitten. #
  • Picked up this “Laptop HideAway” from Belkin at Target and I LOVE IT. It’s like a portable magazine rack for your laptop http://bit.ly/A7SH #
  • @PhilBaumann OH I forgot your extra N. Nice to meet you tonight! #
  • @waltribeiro YAY! Tweet ups are fun! I saw @JPTOTO tonight but I didn’t get to say HI. So many interesting conversations this evening. #
  • @chrisbrogan Re: Names for online lingerie store: “Lacy Web” “In Her Net Stockings” “Click and Garter” 🙂 #

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