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My Twitter Room’s Reviews of Tweetie.

tweetieHere’s what some of my followers had to say about today’s new Twitter interface application Tweetie:

@PurpleCar tweetdeck is a raw command center for incoming data and tweetie is a bit more refined and contextual jimshreds (jim cavanagh)

@PurpleCar Give it a try Christine, I think you will be very impressed. I for one love getting my screen real-estate back. TD took it all. RodneyJ (Rodney Johnson)

@PurpleCar If you use groups in TweetDeck, then no, don’t switch. If you want a slicker more spare UI with nice features, then try #tweetie  @PurpleCar (More on #tweetie in my stream.) minorjive (Ben Greenberg)

@PurpleCar – my twopenny’s worth: – more control and manageable lay out in tweetdeck! chrish10 (chris hall)

@PurpleCar read my tweets. I’m not impressed with it starmike (Starman) Michael Gaines

@PurpleCar I’m trying it out now. Has a nice interface, but still prefer Tweetdeck. lwcavallucci (Lori W. Cavallucci)

@PurpleCar I have not used tweetdeck but have had no issues with tweetie for the last 2 weeks. Good luck! Sean Brown (sbrownrochester)

@PurpleCar I use Tweetie for my phone. Very good for managing multiple accts, following, searching. The desktop version looks very good! MTS (theoreticalgirl)

@PurpleCar tweetie has the ‘pretty,’ but tweetdeck has the utility Jeremy Horn (theproductguy)

Have you tried it?  I’m going to stick with Tweetdeck because it has groups and it is free.  I don’t mind that it takes up a lot of screen estate.  Tell me what you think via Twitter or the comments here.  Thanks!