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Redeye VC Announces A Pitch Session in Philly

From the Redeye VC website:

“Over the last several months, First Round Capital has held our “Office Hours” events in San Francisco, New York City, Austin and Vancouver.  Well, now it’s time to bring it home!  I’m super excited to announce our first Office Hours event here in Philadelphia.  Please join us on Monday, May 18th from 3-5pm at World Cafe Live.
One of the greatest opportunities in college was Office Hours. Every professor held them and suddenly became accessible. It was a few minutes where you could walk-in, sit down, ask questions, develop a relationship and catch a professor in an informal environment. We think the same opportunity for dialogue should exist for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.  At Office Hours, we’d love to meet with entrepreneurs, people thinking about becoming entrepreneurs or folks who would like to join a start-up.  No agenda needed.  No presentations or preparation required.  Just an opportunity to discuss entrepreneurship and startups.
We’ve met with 50-60 entrepreneurs at every other city — let’s make Philadelphia our biggest event yet!
If you can make it, please sign up at http://officehours.firstround.com/”

Come on, Philly.  Let’s show up!

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