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Define Introducation: Fun with Twitter

Those of you that don’t “get” Twitter aren’t having fun with us avid Tweeters. I could spend days on Twitter with my clever and snappy (and sometimes hilariously grumpy) crew.  My “Tweeps” provide me with distraction and comfort, humor and support. During yesterday’s 24 mile ride that included BikeDC, my Twitter people were right there with me, awaiting my pictures and updates on how close I was to the finish line. Today, I’m under a bit of pressure to get some writing done on deadline. I was just writing through one of those desperate, eye-strain moments a few minutes ago. My eyes started watering, my head is heavy with allergies and I feel like I could go to sleep right now. Obviously I need to get up and get a glass of milk (or coffee!), and I’ll do that. But I needed more than a break after I wrote a sentence so full of typos that it looked like I wasn’t writing in English; I needed a little encouragement. When “Introduction” came out on the screen as “Introducation,” I just stopped and realized it was time for that break and playful jab.

I popped over to Twitter and posted this tweet:


Define "Introducation" pls.

Within minutes, my witty friends online answered the call:

Introducation responses

Great Tweeters Don't All Think Alike

How great are they? Just the pick-me-up I needed!

You can follow these witty people on Twitter here: @Sheepthemoon, @MariAdkins, @victorcajiao, @motownmutt, @Curiosity63, @martin_english

And please add your own definitions in the comments. 🙂

-Christine Cavalier