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Need a word…

We need a word that has the following definition:

Comments left on internet or web sites that are the result of a person lowering their inhibitions and/or getting caught up in the passion of the moment, in which these comments don’t necessarily reflect the commenter’s common views. Such comments are usually anonymously given. Sometimes referred to as: Flotsam, Junk, Flame.

The word has to connote the passion of the moment and the total divorced-from-reality quality of the tone of the comment. For example, when a commenter wishes death upon a blog writer. This (probably anonymous) commenter would never wish death upon the writer in person, but the nature of the Internet is the more passionate, the better the comment. I’d like a word that dismisses this type of behavior. “Jank” or “Internet Jank” kind of fits…

The other question is, do we want to dismiss this behavior? Do we want to term it? Because when you give something a name, it becomes real and in a way, legitimate.

I don’t know. Anyway… these are typical musings of an Internet/word geek.

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  • mike s 22 November 2010, 6:20 pm

    We should get together and do an Xtranormal video sometime… Hmmmmmm. PTO stuff, maybe? 🙂