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Schott’s Vocab

Regular readers of this blog know I love neologisms, which is just a fancy word for “made-up words.” If you’re a word nerd like me, follow Schott’s Vocab from Ben Schott at the New York Times. During the week, Mr. Schott reports on neologisms he comes across in his travels, and on weekends he hosts a “contest” for readers to come up with new definitions. When I catch the contest, I love to add my 2 cents. Mr. Schott publishes highlighted answers in a post during the week. You should try it, it’s a ton of fun. Some people take the challenges so seriously, some go for snark. Guess which one approach I take.

This past weekend’s challenge was “Define ‘Family.'” Mr. Schott took my definition for the title of this week’s post. Go take a look: