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Wikileaks Jokes Day

In light of Wikileaks financial troubles (major credit companies cutting their accounts, etc.), I declare today Wikileaks Jokes (/Poke Fun at) Day.

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UPDATE: Here’s a compiled list of the fun so far (scroll down a bit for the awesomely awful puns):

This is the joke, by @edkohler, that got me started:
@edkohler The easiest way to shut down Wikileaks would be to have Yahoo! acquire it.

Jokes Written by me:

Watch as husbands tell Bank of America that their wives’ credit cards are part of Wikileaks’ line of credit.

Wikileaks should start up an Etsy Shop. They can frame or decoupage documents on mugs. That can be their new income source.

The CIA’s favorite side dish: Julian Fries. (this could be: What’s the CIA’s favorite side dish: Julian Fries)

My Fake Headline Puns:

Group of unsatisfied readers filter through Assange’s website for only the best news releases: Picky Leaks.

Teens exposing each other on a new photo website. Is your kid wearing a turtleneck? Look for her on HickeyLeaks.

New Mean Girls sequel examines what happens when the popular girl loses her friends. It’s called “Cliquey Leaks.”

New website that releases the newest scientific information about diapers and baby diarrhea: IckyLeaks

During a raid, Interpol ransacked Julian Assange’s kitchen and cracked his maple syrup bottle. It was a Sticky Leak.

When Witches Pee: WickedLeaks

Guerilla Vegetables: WikiLeeks.

Fake Headline and Other Puns by Others:

@deekdeekster: Of course, you know about the bean-spilling high jumper? Wiki Leaps

@RobBlatt: new website shows sites of previously unknown bodies of flowing water: WikiCreeks.

@deekdeekster: then there was the would-be comedian with verbal diarrhea who constantly quoted Oscar Wilde. Witty Leaks

@tangofoxtrot: At Disney World, someone published plans for a new cartoon mouse. #MickeyLeak.

@tangofoxtrot: Oh, and someone told me to watch out for a RickRoll. #RickyLeak.

@deekdeekster: a thief broke into the offices of the Magic Circle and stole the sawing-woman-in-half plans. Tricky Leak

@deekdeekster: and the woman with dye running down her face in the rain? Wiggy Leaks

@deekdeekster: then there was the dog I spent some time with – just couldn’t keep his tongue still – Licky Weeks

@purplehayz: Some “plumbers” broke into the Watergate hotel and stole Dem information – water leak 😛

@purplehayz: What mom’s all over the world deal with, DiaperLeaks

@purplehayz: Time for dinner – GreenLeeks

@CAMouse: Welsh national symbol? Wikileeks

@motownmutt: I wrote one on a sticky note, but the glue wasn’t strong, and it blew away. Stickyweak

More Leaky Fun:
New Yorker’s Santa Leaks, sent by @jennyzohn: Have you seen “Santaleaks” in this week’s @NewYorker? Pretty good stuff. http://www.newyorker.com/talk/2010/12/20/101220ta_talk_greenman

Thanks to everyone who wrote, read, laughed and groaned with me!

-Christine Cavalier

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