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How to Treat Your Early Adopters

Here’s an email I’ve received from Write on Glass, a beta release I’ve been working on for quite a few months now. Glass recruited me, or I recruited them, on Twitter. (see a start-up foundry article here about how Twitter is the place to get early adopters to your beta, and why you should forget Facebook for recruiting this highly elite and esoteric group).

Here’s the text:

Thank you from Glass

Glass just dropped the invite wall, so our beta is now open to everyone. And we could not have done it without you.

All of the community feedback you sent in–tweets, emails, and bug reports–may not seem like a big deal to you, but it was integral to Glass getting here. We really appreciate all the help you’ve given us. So thank you.

As a reward, you have unlocked a special theme for your slides.”

So now when new people join, they will be able to see by my slide color that I was a beta tester. This is a badge of honor for early adopters; We live for this stuff. We collect early-adopter proof like middle-aged white women collect scarves. Don’t forget those random users that have helped you iron out bugs with a helpful spirit, before the angry masses come and rain down hate on your tiniest server burp.