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4 Hours of Philanthropy & Search Philosophy in Philly: May 16

A night of philanthropy and search philosophy in Philadelphia at SEER

Come pray to the gods of SEO in the Search Church

If you were from ’round these parts, you’d know exactly where to go when someone mentioned “Search Church.” SEER Interactive, an SEO and analytics company headed up by my friend Wil Reynolds, works in an old church in Philadelphia. Wil and the gang worked hard to convert the church and turn it into a work/community space for all geeky souls that worship the ways of the World Wide Web.

Always innovating and thinking of ways to bring the Philly Search, Design and Tech communities together for a higher purpose, SEER Interactive is hosting a “Breaking Down Silos” night of charity where attendees can learn from hand-picked experts (including one from Google!) while contributing to the greater good: The entire $25.00 ticket price goes the American Cancer Society and two other charities. Major bargain, and lots of kudos to the speakers and SEER for donating their time and energy.

Hurry and sign up. The Search Church is big, but it can’t hold everybody.

Some Deets:
Thursday, May 16, 2013
3:00pm to 7:00pm

Register here.