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Inexpensive but Awesome New Gift Idea for Mother’s Day


On many occasions, we find ourselves in the classic “what to get someone who has everything” predicament. The answer to that is simple: time. Time spent with the honoree or just time (or money) put into a special cause for that person is the best gift anyone can give.

Now in the age of information overload, this great gift of time has transformed into an extremely valuable, perhaps life-altering act. And it’s simple to do.


When I’m meeting with clients or speaking with people about what sells in the age of the Internet, I always ask them this question:

Q: What (besides a boat!) is the most precious commodity in a flood? Hint: It isn’t dry land.

A: Drinking water.

When a deluge of water overtakes a town, the drainage systems fail and eventually the good water supply gets tainted. People need to drink a lot of water daily to survive.


Go to Pinterest’s search. Something for everyone there!

The Internet is a flood of information. In the English lexicon now, “data” is a mass noun just like water, e.g, “Water is everywhere,” “Data is everywhere.” Human filtering/curation sites like Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, et al. hold the key to prosperous business online. Just like bottled water sales go up in flooded areas, sites that can curate content or help users curate content will be the big money-makers. Latest predictions say that 3 billion more people will be online by 2020; that’s a whole lot more data. But it’s also a lot more communities.


Mother’s Day is coming up. This day is for any person who fulfills that role in our life, whether they be aunts, uncles, teachers or mentors. The effort you put into filtering some of the Internet data overload into small, enjoyable and life-enhancing bits for your loved ones will be remembered and appreciated for a long time. Why not take some time to look for Yahoo or Google groups or IRC chat rooms that discuss your special person’s favorite hobby?

google groups icon

Search Google Groups

Why not set up a Pinterest account and start it by filling it with inspirational pictures and site links that will thrill and excite the recipient?

Online communities are a link to a larger world. Many people especially tend to become more and more isolated as they get older. The gift of connection is no triviality. Giving someone other like-minds to connect with is priceless. Rekindling their love for a forgotten hobby is invaluable.

yahoo group

Connect the with their Yahoos!

So why not take some time this Mother’s Day (or any day) and do some Internet curation for the person you love. You may just open them up to new experiences. You may just change their whole world.



Photo Credit: Alan Cleaver on Flickr


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