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LIVE with Dan Ariely 26 Sept 2013 at 2 pm EST

Title photo of Dan Ariely and talk details

On Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 2 PM EST (GMT-5), Behavioral Economics icon Dr. Dan Ariely (Predictably Irrational, The Upside of Irrationality, The Honest Truth about Dishonesty) will be hosting a live Hangouts On Air session over at Google+. I’ll be Dr. Ariely’s guest along with 4 others. We’ll be discussing why spending cash feels different than spending with a credit card. This directly relates to how you and your customers are affected by varied form of currency.

As my wise friend and business expert Lynette Young stated, this conversation is relevant for any online retailer and anyone who can see the advent of Bitcoin, Google Wallet, and PayPal as common forms of payment.

Dr. Ariely, whom I interviewed back in 2010, is a great guy with a fun sense of humor. Severely burned in a devastating chemical accident when he was 18, Dr. Ariely developed a unique perspective on behavioral research and daily life. He injects intriguing factoids from studies and crazy personal anecdotes into every talk. I’m sure this “dry” material will actually be quite fascinating. Tune in at 2pm EST. (If I can, I’ll share the live link here and on the regular social networks).

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