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11 Awkward Things About Email

This is fantastic:

wait but why: 11 Awkward Things About Email

The folks at waitbutwhy.com have perfectly broken down present-day email etiquette. They take us through the subtleties of the ellipse-ending, the concentric circles of trust, how to tell if you’re someone’s subordinate and more:

If someone you’re emailing with:
– is making typos and you’re not
– is skipping punctuation and you’re not
– is skipping capitals and you’re not
– is taking a long time to reply and you’re not
– is responding to your long, well-written emails with much shorter responses
Then you’re their bitch.
Unequal email power dynamics can happen for many reasons—a professional ladder discrepancy, an age discrepancy, a “customer’s always right” situation, a thing where many people are all emailing one person—but usually, it’s that the person writing the high-quality email wants/needs something from the person writing the low-quality email. Simple as that.



It’s brilliant stuff, delivered via stick figure cartoons. Go take a look.