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How the #IceBucketChallenge can harm ALSA

Banner ad in a carousel (yes, a carousel) on ALSA.org's homepage

Banner ad in a carousel (yes, a carousel) on ALSA.org’s homepage

It only takes one angry mother of a hurt kid to haul ALSA into court for promoting a meme that many videos have shown can go very wrong.

ALSA is willfully tone deaf, of course. They are raking in tons of money. They think a promotional page like this is a good idea:

ALSA.org's page about the ice bucket challenge



But now that the meme has jumped the shark and the backlash is starting, ALSA should start listening better. This is when the lawsuits come. This is when the sour tastes are left in people’s mouths about ALSA because they are annoyed about their social media feeds being taken over.

Is it crazy someone would sue ALSA for hurting themselves with a bucket of ice? Sure. But ALSA is surely courting danger by staying silent on the dangers and promoting the actions of the meme so clearly. They need better risk management and PR people. I’m not saying the ALSA should be sued. I’m saying they probably will be if they don’t practice some good ol’ American CYA soon.

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  • robusdin 20 August 2014, 11:19 am

    “Teen paralyzed in ALSA ice bucket challenge – more at 11” is NOT something they want coming out of our TVs. All the goodwill and fun they have allegedly created will be erased as the media turns on them like rabid dogs on a squirrel. I hope they step up and proactively call for an end to it.

  • Khürt L. Williams 26 August 2014, 8:24 pm

    I insisted on my kids researching ALS before doing the stupid challenge. I also made them donate $10 and they had to mention ALS and why they were doing it in their video on Facebook.

    Otheriwse this is a STUPID campaign.