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All my photos on Flickr are now Creative Commons licensed

Recently I was charged for another 2 year membership on Flickr.com. Years ago, membership was cheap and a great community came with it. Now I’m not so sure. Changes are afoot and Flickr is moving toward offering a storage solution for enterprise and the membership price in 2 years will soar. I doubt I’ll renew then.

beach pic

The renewal reminder came during xmas madness. I didn’t have the brain power and patience to figure out what I needed to do to move or save the 1800+ photos I have posted there. I just let the renewal happen. The same previous rate applied, so it wasn’t a big deal.

Going forward, though, I’ll need a new photo solution. iCloud charges too much (IMHO). I have a ton (unlimited?) storage at Amazon via my Prime account, but I haven’t used it yet. I will get to that, though, because that’s just free space right there.

Anyway… Today I changed the licensing on ALL of my (public) photos on Flickr to Attribution Creative Commons. I rely on open-use photos for my blogging and I wanted to return the favor. Hopefully others will stick to the attribution clause as faithfully as I do.

I’ve been meaning to put some more recent and sellable ones up on FOAP, but I haven’t gotten around to it. It will be part of my organizing projects this year, perhaps. FOAP and other selling sites are a game, though, and one I don’t really want to play. Not really. It’d be nice to make some passive income on photos but the time-sink probably won’t pay off.

I sure miss the old Flickr, though. Catch me there while you can. Follow me and I’ll follow back: PurpleCar on Flickr

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