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Pee by any other name

As a writer, sometimes you need a very specific word written a million different ways. My fiction project has a character who, for various reasons, is trying to slip the color “yellow” past some algorithms. She’ll be flagged if she types out “yellow,” so she’s looking for alternative names.

I have a membership to Merriam-Webster online but colors don’t have their own thesaurus listings. Yesterday I turned to my friends on Facebook for alternatives to the word “yellow.” I, of course, quickly degraded the conversation by answering my own question with “Pee.”

Most of my people on FB (which has a mix of pro and personal connections) are a bit more astute and came up with not only the charts below but many useful suggestions in mere seconds. How did authors write before the Internet?


Then I found a chart.

a graphic with a list of colors and corresponding labels
From http://math.ubbcluj.ro/~sberinde/wingraph/main.html

Another FB user sent this:

Yellow names
From http://digitalsynopsis.com/design/color-thesaurus-correct-names-of-shades/

I know a lot more names for “yellow” now. Fictional algorithms, YIELD SIGN to my whims!

(btw: Here I am on Facebook: Christine Cavalier)