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Interview over at First Site Guide

Firstsiteguide homepageFirst Site Guide is a place where total web n00bs can get some beginner ebooks about building websites and blogs. All one has to do is hand over their email address. The site’s revenue model seems to be email advertising but I’m not quite sure, as I myself haven’t signed up for any mailings.

Why I’m posting about it: The site asked me last year to be a blogger interviewed for their personal experiences area. Sure, interviewing bloggers is a sneaky way to get backlinks, but it turns out there’s a good bit of advice happening in those interviews. It’s not the be-all, end-all resource for new website owners but the interviews can give you a good idea of how web people/bloggers work.

Firstsiteguide.com just redesigned all their pages, so go over and take a look. You can find my interview here.

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