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Buddleia and naming things

Content writing for the web at times hijacks one’s thoughts. It’s fun, really, going down some strange tangential streets.

Today I was writing a blog post for a client about attracting hummingbirds and butterflies to gardens. Amongst my internet wanderings, I learned that butterflies like a genus of plant called, appropriately, a “Butterfly bush.” The official name is “Buddleia.” It looks like this:

buddleia-royal-redIn my “spare” time, I’m working on some fiction projects. Every author has her way of coming up with names for characters and places. Personally, Sanskrit base words are my favorite. But as a writer, you must take notice of different words and roots for inspiration.

Then I noticed “Buddleia” has “Leia” in it. Hmmm. Remember those weird side buns? Does it remind you of any basic shape found in nature? Why yes, a butterfly.

I took a few minutes to throw together this little visual comparison.

ButterflyHair Amidala also wore various versions of the hairdo.

Has George Lucas ever written about this? I’m a Star Wars fan, but I’m not rabid about it. Does everyone know about this and I’m just stumbling on it now?

And do Leia and Amidala seem like flitty characters to you? I suppose they aren’t too wise in the matters of the heart but as leaders, they’re pretty kick ass. They also travel the universe, in almost-migratory patterns.

I may be looking too far into this. Alas, it is the curse of the writer! Still, it was a delightful distraction.

Back to work, you lazy bums.

Image credits: Those are a bit iffy. I made the graphic. The flowering plant pic says “AmericanMeadows.com” on it, which turns out to be a real site.