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New web stuff, fridge poem “Weaving.”

Since attending podcamp philly, I’ve come upon a bunch of cool new sites lately, like BlipTV, Viddler, Upcoming and Twitter. One in particular is quite fun: StumbleUpon. Stick in the types of websites you’d like to surf to, download a toolbar and click. “Writing” is a category, “Poetry” is a category. How cool is that? I wrote this poem at isnoop after “stumbling” upon it. I call the poem “Weaving.”

Fridge Magnet Poetry

It reads:

as the first build


your world,

grow one country on the net:

write words

ripe and needy and

stand with every


in life two.o

(my little nod to the phenomenon we all call Web 2.0)

As most of you know, fridge poetry must be constructed out of a very finite amount of pre-set words. Instead of restraining creativity, this actually brings out extraordinary inventiveness, sometimes producing great poems. There have been entire books published in the regular mass market with amateur poets’ submitted fridge work.

I’m not saying my poem is publish worthy, but making it was fun! StumbleUpon’s “directed” surfing can bring you towards your creative center, be it fridge poetry or free code. Don’t waste time, spend it!


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