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Title that song contest

One of my fav local bands, RedHead Betty Takeout, sent an email (see below) asking for naming help for their song.

Give it a listen and see what you come up with. We’re writers! It’s kind of our job, isn’t it, coming up with the right words and names for things? I sent in my entry, I’ll let you know what they choose. Have fun!

Their email:

Beloved Betty fans,

As you know our brand new CD release is rapidly approaching.  (I
know, we're excited too...almost giddy).   We have one small problem
and need your help.  One of our new songs desperately needs a name.
Currently, the working title is "Ghost".   But the guys in the band
were just talking, and we just know that there are plenty of
wonderfully smart, and clever  Betty fans that will put their
creativity to the test and come up with somethin' better.   

CONTEST RULES: Whoever can come up with the best name wins!!! 

Just take a listen to this rough version of the song, and send your
suggested song title to redmail@redheadbettytakeout.com.    It's that

The winner will actually have their title used on the band's upcoming
CD release!!  Wow! (And, the guys may give you some free band stuff
too...It depends on how tasty your title is).

Click below to start...and make sure you listen for that chorus!...

Let the contest begin!  Entries must be submitted by October 31st,