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Podcast things I need help with

Hey PodCampPhilly peeps. The principal of my kid’s elementary school said that he’d go for the podcasting (after I explained what it was), but that we need a solid release form for the parents to sign, and he wants to check out other school’s examples. I’ll send him to the Philly School District’s podcasts; Does anyone have any other elementary school examples? Also, please send suggestions on podsafe music (specific songs), tips on using a Samson H2, a release form, and the cheapest SD I need for about 10-15 minutes of recording. Garage Band hints also welcome. Send the word out, I’ll need help! Thanks, Podcampers!

UPDATE: The teacher sent me an email today saying a BIG FAT NO. But those of you in education would have expected this. It takes governments and lots of red tape to do anything in a school, so I’m not taking it personally. I’ll move on to something else to vlog or podcast. Thanks anyway!

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  • nice new layout, purp. I don’t get the fishies, though.

  • Whitney 13 September 2007, 7:29 pm

    Why don’t you drop me an email or call. I taught podcasting to middle schoolers over at Kennett Middle School last year; might be able to help.


  • admin 14 September 2007, 2:25 pm

    MP! I don’t get the fishies either. John Keegan hooked me up. Gotta take some time to schweet it up. Nice to see you.

    Whitney- Thanks, I will! I mostly need a release form.