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Letter from Santa (edited for personal info)

Merry Christmas!

HO! Your parents sent me an email all the way from Philadelphia!   The Internet sure is wonderful, because now I can get emails even when I’m in my sleigh delivering presents Christmas Eve!! Your parents put out some nice cake and milk for me, so don’t worry that you forgot.  The reindeer are fine, they love the exercise, so don’t you worry about them now.

Hey, look what I found in my mailbox! Well tickle my whiskes!  Are you really and truly x years old already?!? Mrs. Claus will just be so tickled to hear it! I’ll bet you’re really excited about Christmas!  Everyone at the North Pole sure is! Rudolph said he’s really excited about visiting your street, it has so many lights!  I also hear you’ve been a REALLY REALLY goooood girl.  Especially with the baby! (HO!! HO!! HO!! at least that’s what it says on my list right here at the front of the sleigh!).  And Ms. C (who, as I recall, really liked stuffed animals as a girl) sent in your classes’ report cards.  What a smart girl you are!    HO HO HO!

But my goodness, I brought you something special that your parents didn’t really think you needed because you just were soooo good this year!  I’m sure they’ll forgive me!  I knew your mom was awake and saw me as a little girl, which is breaking the rules, but I forgave her and left her presents anyway!

OK, Mom and Dad told me that you looove mysteries, so I did not put nametags on the presents.  Which ones are for you and which ones are for the baby?  Find a way to figure it out!  I know you can!

Well, Santa has a lot more presents to deliver tonight so I better go.  Rudolph’s nose is shining especially brightly this year.  Me and the good old reindeer should have the presents delivered in record time … which is a REALLY good thing because I still have to wrap my presents for Mrs. Claus!!  HO!! HO!! HO!!

We love you!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


Santa Claus

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