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Social Media Time Suckage

What I’ve been up to lately:

Twitter, Seesmic, Skype, iChat, iJustinetv, Blogtv, JeffPulvertv, JonnyGoldsteintv.  You get the idea.

I’ve actually been spending quite a good amount of time connecting people.  In this social media village, one gets familiar with many different businesses and skill sets.  I’ve been simply matching up needs and solutions.  Hopefully some of these connections will work positively, but once it is out in the ether, it’s out of my hands.

Social media has been distracting me, as these connections cry out to be made and I’m being invited to alpha and beta test a bunch of new software/applications, but since my fiction centers around technology and how we relate to it, the time suck hasn’t been without its benefits.  Still, writing must be done.  Or, in my case, plotting.  Writing is no problem.  Words flow for me.  Stringing them together in a coherent plot is like hitting a brick wall going 80mph.  Ouch.

Sorry so absent.  Please send plot meditations/thoughts/prayers to me.  I need ’em!  And social media, stop distracting me!  I mean it this time!

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