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Keepin’ It Real E-Cards

Had fun yesterday on Twitter.  I was asking my Twitterverse if there was any anti American Greetings site with e-cards that were a bit more, how shall we say?  Real?

Lots of my villagers suggested http://someecards.com/ , which does have some great cards.  But they just aren’t raw enough.  Here were some of my suggestions:

PurpleCar: KeepinItReal cards:

“You are the meanest teacher I ever had and I hate you, but I’m sorry my mom keyed your Porsche. It’s a nice car.”

“You’re a total idiot and you really piss me off, but I got a ton of hits on my blog. Just wanted to say ‘Thanks.'”

“Son, I had bigger hopes for you, we both know this. But I have to admit, you’re an excellent janitor. Love, Dad.”

“We don’t talk for a reason. But you’re my brother and I’m sending you a birthday card to keep Mom off my back. H. B-day”

“You child is a selfish snot, but it must give you some pleasure to see her graduate from high school. Congratulations.”

“Hey man, we don’t like each other but I’m sorry your wife died. No one deserves to lose their obviously better half”

What would YOUR KeepinItReal E-Card say?

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  • Mari Adkins 18 June 2008, 11:27 am

    I <3 that website!!

    Btw, I like the new look over here. Well done.