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Geeks Who Give Food Drive & TweetUp

Originally uploaded by The Roxy Studio

My peeps in the Philly start-up tech community are an inventive and generative bunch. They will be the essential power behind building the city’s creative economy.

Their latest start up effort is concentrating on charity. “Geeks Who Give” is a local organization consisting of nothing but a bunch of social connections between techy and creative geeks. Their food drive tomorrow has been getting some major press.

If you are in the Philly area and can spare a can of soup for the well-established charity Philabundance, come on down to National Mechanics tomorrow night (Tuesday, December 9, 2008) anywhere between 6 to 9 p.m. At 9 they start the tech karaoke, which I hear is a blast!

It’s amazing how quickly this community can come together, with no budget, no 501c status, no real board of directors. The city government should tap into them for solutions on how to move the city’s economy forward. If there is hope for a brighter future for Philly, it lies with this group of people. (Actually, on Sunday I told The Big Canvas people from the Great Expectations project that they should come to one of the IdeaBlob sessions if they want to get innovative ideas on how to promote and spread arts and culture appreciation in the area.)

Don’t forget! TweetUp tomorrow night! If you don’t know anyone, email me or come and find me there. I’ll be wearing some sort of purple shirt/sweater, of course.  We can chat and I can introduce you around! Bring a can with you, and I’ll give you a nice kiss on the cheek! 🙂