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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-27

  • Making a group in Tweetdeck for writers. Know of any writing tweeters? Pls. let me know! Thanks! #
  • Installed Twitter Tools by Alex King in my blog and sidebar. #
  • @giannii hey I hear you are in NYC. I planned on driving up to NJ one day this week to see @istarman & @banannie. What is up? #
  • @giannii by the way, you aren’t following me with this account anymore. I must have gotten too chatty for you one night. #
  • @kerendg Thanks Keren! No idea how you found me all those months ago, but I’m glad you’re here. Nice to ‘see’ you again! Keep going! #
  • RT @OldSayingGame: Who is “The Cleverest Twitterer”? @OldSayingGame was created to answer that simple question. http://bit.ly/ywgq #
  • Just had @LEMIlls over for a bit with doggie Pebbles. The children’s behavior was less than stellar. I hate when that happens. #

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