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Twitter Updates for 2008-12-28

  • Blog post: “Reader Communities” invade privacy and may decrease readership: http://bit.ly/EYgo It’s short. Please weigh in. Thanks! #
  • RT @chrisbrogan: Flickr – anyone know any admin types there? dM me? Friend has a problem that needs above-and-beyond. #
  • Seems like @LoicLeMeur thinks follower rates are a good measure of authority on Twitter. Huh? NO WAY man. Blog post: http://bit.ly/2SUMob #
  • @douglaspaul humans and apes. We need benchmarks, tiered status. Humans need to use their judgment a bit better when it comes to illusion. #
  • Checking out new follower @steplow and I see his latest tweet: “I GOT THE JOB!” Nice to see great news on Twitter! Happy New Year, man. #
  • @learningman welcome to Twitter. I’m in the near western suburbs of Philly. Come Mon. to Champps in KofP, 7 p.m. Thanks, @chrisbrogan! #
  • Checking out Tweetree: http://tweetree.com/ Threads conversations and keywords, plus a whole lot more. Interesting… #
  • @learningman You don’t have to ask permission to follow anyone. I’m already following you. 🙂 Click on @PurpleCar, click FOLLOW on my page. #
  • @lwcavallucci I love how Tweetree embeds the youtube videos that people link in Twitter. It’s all on one page. How FUN is that?! #
  • @bpolensky wasn’t last night, I got my dates mixed up. It’s tomorrow night at 7 at Champps in KofP. #
  • zOMG @girlarsonist is my new favorite person on Twitter: http://bit.ly/v6Yu I could have made this video. She is like my doppleganger! #
  • Anyone going to into IndyHall tomorrow? Thinking of breaking my own rule and working over break. Just for the day. #
  • @dahowlett Saw Loren’s predictions for 2009 on your site. Pretty funny. Liked your post too. #
  • RT @OldSayingGame: LAST CALL!! What’s that Greek Old Saying? “Birds love figs, but they…” Submit your clever ending by DM @OldSayingGame. #
  • @dahowlett LOL! 2008, you say? He can just recycle that video then. Misma mierda, día diferente. #
  • I’m going to be in King of Prussia, PA, USA tomorrow night at 7pm Champps for the tweetup. Who else is going? #
  • @chrisbrogan Most kings wish to be knights. The knights know they have it good. #
  • @dahowlett “engagement is the new advertising” is a fairly good quote from Loren. Not sold on it, but at least Loren is using his brain. #
  • @Aquentminister I remember, thanks. My last name is Cavalier. Still, I think I’d rather serve near the top than be at the top. #
  • @Aquentminister “The men in grey” (what Princess Di called them) are the behind the scenes, advising. Not the beheadable ones, exactly. #
  • Thinking of putting a purple streak in my hair for my next birthday. I’ve never done that before… #

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