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My Tweet Cloud, from Sept. 2007 – mid January 2009.


The top 5 words I’ve tweeted: seesmic, good, know, twitter, thanks.

Tweetclouds are such visual poetry, I love them.  They read like poetry, whether they are arranged in alphabetical order or artistically like above.

Check out your own Wordle (the image above is copyrighted to them).  You may find that you are talking too much about things you’d rather not!  Hopefully you will have a nice surprise, like I did.  “Good” “Know” “Thanks” aren’t bad things to see.  As time goes on, the two apps in the list may fade for “LOVE” and “People.”  Or maybe new terms will take over, like “WRITING” and “BOOK” and “READ.”  I’ll post another Tweetcloud from Wordle when my list morphs.    What does yours look like?

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